Dobogókő is a holiday village just 25 km away from Budapest to North-West. The name comes from Visegrádi Mountain’s and Danube-bend’s highest point, Dobogó-kő, at 699 m. The settlement belongs to the village of Pilisszentkereszt, and has 133 inhabitants.

Tourist attractions of Dobogókő

Dobogókő is a climatic health resort, with amazing all-year-round opportunities.

You can find here lot of hiking tracks, the firts ski centre in Hungary and pilgrimage point, where you can see one of the most beautiful panorama of the country. It’s the starting point of several hiking routes, for example:

  • the romantic wilderness of Rám-szakadék (Rám Canyon)
  • Thirring-szikla (Thirring Rock, Turul Roundroute)
  • Ferenczy-szikla (Ferenczy Rock, which is believed to be the Heart Chakra of Earth)
  • Zsivány-szikla (Rogue Rock)
  • Vadálló-kövek (Game Watch Boulders)
  • Prédikálószék (Preacher’s Stool) with its gorgeous view to the Danube river
  • Pilis-tető (Pilis Summit), the second highest point of Transdanubia
  • Canyon of Pilisszentkereszt

which are all known to be amongst the most beautiful tourist locations of Hungary. The National Blue Hiking Route and St. Mary Route reach Dobogókő, too, where you can find more and more assigned bicycle hiking tracks as well.

Modern history of Dobogókő

  • 1898 - the first official tourist shelter of the country was built here
  • 1906 - the shelter was replaced with a stone building. The old wooden building still functions as a tourist museum.
  • 1923 - the first ski slope of post-World War I Hungary was opened in Dobogókő
  • 1978 - a (J-bar) ski lift was built next to the ski slopes, which is still in operation
  • 1980 - Zsindelyes Restaurant, designed by Imre Makovecz (a famous Hungarian organic building architect) was built.
  • 2003 - thanks to Foundation for Dobogókő, several developments started here (cleaning the stones from ski slopes, renovating the ski lift, purchasing a snow groomer and setting up webcamera)
  • 2012 - the Yurtotel is avaiable next to the Zsindelyes Restaurant