If you are interested in details of traditional hiking routes avaialble from the yurts, you can find maps, photos and descriptions here: http://www.dobogokokirandulas.hu/en/Trips

You can read below only some preliminaries about some special possibilities:

Dobogókő and the Heart Chakra of the Earth

Many people believe that the Heart Chakra of Earth (translation in progress) is located at Dobogókő and its surroundings, no wonder more and more pilgrims come here to recharge or recover themselves energetically and spiritually.

Dobogókő and Thirring Roundroute

Great kings of Hungary got their insights on how to lead the nation through walking this route. To commemorate this, the Foundation for Dobogókő organises pilgrimage on this route.For further information, click here >> (now it is avaiable only in Hungarian)

Dobgókő and the Mária Route

The idea of creating the St. Mary Route came from the numerous existing Madonna pilgrimage locations in Hungary and the pilgrimage of El Camino. The pilgrim route starts at Mariazell and arrives at Csíksomlyó (Sumuleu Ciuc, RO). It’s about a 1400 km long way, which can be completed within 60 days. The East-West section has 2 parts, Mariazell – Budapest (500km), lasting cca. 20 days, while the Budapest-Csíksomlyó section takes 40 days. This coincides „The Pilis Mária Route” on Budapest, Máriaremete - Solymár - Csobánka - Pilisszentkereszt - Dobogókő – Esztergom section, reaching Dobogókő, too. The section is also part of the North-South section coming from Czestochwa (PL) to Medjugorje (BH).

Dobogókő and the Via Margaritarum (Route of Pearls)

This route is also for pilgrims, with signed path all way long. Its spiritual background comes from the historical and holy places located on the path, and „Pearls of Life” meditation rosary. The Via Margaritarum (Route of Pearls) connects the most important Hungarian pilgrim-locations: Mátraverebély-Szentkút and Mariazell. The section from Budapest to Mátraverebély with its 180km is an individual pilgrim route, too, which you can join at any pilgrimage-point. On the route you can see pilgrims walking every day. Csobánka – Dobogókő – Esztergom is also part of the route, where pilgrims take 10-30 km per day.




Foretaste from hiking tours from Dobogókő