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The Yurt is the traditional accomodation of early Medieval nomadic Hungarians – offering a special experience for modern people. Its unique atmosphere comes from the undivided, large space and from the natural wood based, light structure which doesn’t separate you from the surrounding nature.

Staying here, it’s easy to realize how important is our connection to Mother Earth and wildlife. How special it is to stop for a moment on a starry night, look up to the sky, and find our favourite constellation. How stunning it is to hear the deer sniffing in the night and to marvel at the dew in the morning light…

Good to know about our yurtotel

  • Yurts sleep 1-8 people. However, by booking your place you reserve the whole yurt, and will not have to share it with other people (except special offers for pilgrims and during some organizations)
  • our total capacity is 48 pax
  • cosy comfort is ensured by insulated floor, electricity, lighting and heating
  • near to the Zsindelyes Restaurant, free WiFi is available
  • eating or drinking in the yurts is not allowed
  • consume own alcoholic drinks or smoking is not allowed in the area
  • Credit card is not accepted and there is no ATM in 10 km range! Payment is possible by cash or bank transfer before your arrive!


  • we provide matresses, but you need to bring your own sleeping bag and towel, please don’t forget them at packing
  • If you don't have sleeping bag, we can provide bedding for 500 HUF, please be so kind to order it upon the booking

What you can find nearby the yurts:

  • Zsindelyes Restaurant (designed by Imre Makovecz, the famous Hungarian organic building architect), which provides anything you would feel like eating from breakfast to big meals and event catering
  • separate chalet for shower and lavatory block
  • non-guarded own parking area (free for our guests)

Arriving to the Yurtotel:

  • our yurts are located in a dead-end next to the forest, the parking area and the Restaurant Zsindelyes
  • arriving to Dobogókő, drive on the priority road (Téry Ödön street) through the central parking lot, turn a little right at the end of the parking then carry on straight at Eötvös street about 500 m
  • you will already see the yurts on the left side of the road, as well as the  Restaurant Zsindelyes, where you can check in
  • you can occupy your accomodation between 2-6 pm, log off until 10 am

In case you arrive by car, you may have to inform the parking ticket controllers in the central parking lot, that you are the guest of Zsindelyes Restaurant and the "Jurtaszállás", and carry on driving without paying parking fee

More info about directions, and public transport possibilities >>

Airport transfer is possible from Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport [BUD]

  • Transfer in one direction for 1-8 persons costs HUF 15000 (ca. EUR 50)
  • please let us know upon your reservation if you would like to ask for an Airport transfer with the following details:
  • when is your planned arrive to BUD Airport (if you would like to ask for transfer in this direction)
  • when have you been arrived to BUD Airport on your way back (if you would like to ask for transfer in this direction - please don't forget to calculate with check-in time on the Airport!)

We will let you know as soon as possible whether the transfer by our partner for the asked time avaiable

Catering in Restaurant "Zsindelyes"



The Restaurant located next to the yurts. It is open every day from 9am to 7pm - ask for dinner is possible until 6.30pm

You can require here a half or full pension (half board and full board menus here) and other types of pension or have a meal á la carte.

Credit card is not accepted and there is no ATM in 10 km range! Payment is possible only by cash!